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Roll Patch 1000

N. 1000 dry patches lightly stuck to a paper roll to use with the appropriate liquid cleaner or to subsequently dry the bore. Combined with its special jag, the patch removes even the toughest layers of copper, lead and carbon fouling from your rifle or shotgun. Roll Patch rid the bore of lead and plastic deposits protecting the rifling from any damage..


These Jags are studied to fit all firearms calibers. Once fitted in the bore, the jag provide a concentric pressure that helps the removal of fouling along the whole barrel. Made in aircraft aluminium to prevent the release of copper residues on the patch, the jag firmly holds the patch for efficient swabbing during the cleaning process. These jags are specifically studied for this patch that has one unique size for all calibers from .22 to .50. Conversely, several patches available in the market have different sizes depending on the firearm caliber.

ONE Liquid 50 ml Bottle

Extremely Effective to remove all traces of copper and carbon fouling from the bore in a few seconds. Completely odourless, it does not contain ammoniac or any stinky solvents.

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Created to allow the shooter to focus exclusively on personal performance, giving him the confidence that his weapon is always in the optimum condition for maximum results.

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